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About Us

We provide custom solutions to help our customers utilize efficient and economical packaging needs.

Circular Tables

We specialize in saving labor costs increasing the efficiency of packaging lines using equipment. Most of the systems on this website are designed for packing products into cartoons or cases at the end of a production line. As you can see from the photos and video links we custom build all kinds of pack stations and circular tables that are used in the food, pharma and manufacturing plants.

We define circular tables as slowly rotating (typically 4-6 revolutions per minute) fiberglass or stainless steel table that allow products to accumulate on the packing table that ultimate will be packed into cartons or cases. Typically, one or two people pack off cases after the circular table. They can also include an incline conveyor that feeds the circular table from a VFFS bagger or other packaging machine.

Pack Stations

Pack stations are slightly different because they do not utilize a circular table but a powered conveyor that moves products in front of an operator. Pack stations are more expensive but reduce additional labor because they move products directly in front of the operator packing boxes. They can be simple as shown in this link or more customized so that empty cartons are conveyed in front of the operators as well as full cartons have a separate exit conveyor that allows an operator to get rid of a full package without causing a “logjam” downstream.

Packaging Machines in Action